‘Tis The Season

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Our Yellow Chairs

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The yellow chairs near summer’s end.

Several years ago we needed to replace our Adirondack chairs that are placed around the Library grounds to give visitors a place to rest or read or sketch. The previous chairs had been painted a dark green, as is typical of such chairs in Chester.

Because the chairs were in the garden, we thought that a bright yellow would be a more attractive color and would make the location of the chairs more obvious to visitors. The new color worked out well as the yellow made a great contrast against all the green.

However, we had no idea how wonderful the chairs would look when all the green turned to yellow, gold and red. You can see what we mean in the photos below. Alas, the chairs are all wrapped and tucked away for the winter now, awaiting the return of another Spring.





Halloween Party Cancelled!

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Due to the weather forecast for Friday, the Recreation Department children’s Halloween Party at the Lightfoot Tower is CANCELLED for this year.

Halloween Party!!

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Everyone welcome, but children must be accompanied by an adult. For more information, call the Recreation Department at 902-275-3490.

Change of Hours

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The hours that the Library is open have changed. From now on the Library will not be open in the evenings at any time of the year. Instead, on the days the the Library is open, it will open at 12:00 noon rather than at 2:00 p.m. and close at 5:00 p.m. as it always has.

The reason for this is a change, over the years, in the visitation at the Library. Visitation in the evening hours has decreased to the point where there is little reason to keep it open and the requests for access before 2 p.m. have increased dramatically as more and more people wish to see the Library itself, in addition to accessing the book collection.

The new schedule can be found here.

Away To Heaven…

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Minette, the most senior of the Library cats, passed away yesterday. She lived at the Library for fourteen years after she had been abandoned by renters and was living in a culvert in the village. Not long after coming to live with us at the Library, Minette made a special friend – a young girl who was visiting Chester for several weeks and was missing her own cat back home. The girl came most afternoons that the Library was open and asked if she could play with Minette. Minette was only too happy to oblige and the two spent time together until it was time to close. When the girl left to go home she brought Minette a small gift of a toy.

Ever since then, when the Library was open, Minette would go to the entrance hall and greet clients who had come to the Library. She always assumed they had come to visit her and not to look for books. She would talk in her loud voice if she wasn’t noticed. She even seemed to be able to tell who was a Library client and who had come to visit the Library’s human residents (our visitors were ignored).

Late in her life Minette slept most of the time in a favorite chair, far removed from the public part of the Library, but occasionally she would appear in the entrance hall when clients came in, even though she was quite deaf. Thanks to that young girl who cared about cats more than books, Minette felt she had a special place in the old Library. She will be missed.

Summer in the Library Garden

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Summer brings color and form to the Library garden as each flower, shrub and tree passes through its growth cycle. With a little luck and planning, there is always something beautiful to see for those seeking a quiet moment with a book, friends, family, a camera or a sketchpad. Visit if you have a chance!

Garden 2016 Arbors

Looking through the arbors of the Square Garden towards the Library.

Garden 2016 Square Garden

The Square Garden always has a shady spot on a hot day.

Garden 2016 Front

The  front entrance always has flowers ready to welcome you.

Garden 2016 Day Lilies

The day lilies put on a show…..every day!

Garden 2016 Deck and Side

The side garden leading to the deck has grown larger with new “residents”.

Garden 2016 Deck Flowers

The potted plants on the deck lead your eyes to the petunias growing in an old birdbath.

Garden 2016 Family 2

Taking a family portrait in the Square Garden.

Garden 2016 Family 1

….and a portrait of the family!

Garden 2016 Family 3

Ready for the next adventure!

Garden 2016 Couple 1

Visiting from Halifax, Oxana and Costa share a quiet moment in the Square Garden.

Garden 2016 Couple 3

A selfie on the Lightfoot Tower with the gardens in the background.


Oxana and Costa had us take their picture in the Club Room of the Library.

Garden 2016 Sunset Chairs

As the sun sets, the garden is getting ready for sleep, the smaller birds starting their evening songs.

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