Zoé Vallé Memorial Library

Restoration Work Begins


After years of fund-raising, the arrival of scaffolding at the Tower site marks the beginning of the restoration work.

A new maintenance shed for the Library had to be built as the bottom floor of the Tower could no longer be used for such a purpose. Pictured here are Suzi Fraser, coordinator and fundraiser for of the Chester Trust’s restoration project, and Glen MacLeod, librarian/custodian of the Library and first-time shed builder.

Before any work on the Tower can begin, the ground around the Tower must be made level and a bed of gravel laid down to act as a foundation for the scaffolding. Here, the crew from Oceanview Landscaping remove excess soil.

Next comes the gravel.

The base is complete and ready for the scaffolding.

The scaffolding is up and the old shingles have been removed. To the left of the first floor door, some of the rotten diagonal boards have been replaced as well as the heavy wooden beams that form the base of the Tower walls.