Zoé Vallé Memorial Library

November Restoration Update


As winter approaches, the work on and around the Lightfoot Tower is intensive.

As is the case with older wooden structures, investigation revealed extensive rot in the sills (the horizontal base of the structure) and the framework of the exterior walls. This meant replacing almost everything and would mean the project would take longer.

To ensure a solid foundation for the restored Tower, new sills were made to measure from massive pieces of timber, each piece cut and shaped to interlock with each other.

When each sill is ready, it is set into place and secured, allowing the wall structure above to be rebuilt and reinforced. Here the latest sill is visible beneath what will be the entrance to the first floor of the Tower.

In this image we can see an example of the finished sill framework, treated with green preservative. Later, metal sheeting will be used to cover the sills and keep water away from the structure. As well, concrete will be placed under the sills from the inside to help form a stable base integrated with the concrete foundation already in place.

The electrical service to the restored Tower will run underground from the pole on Central Street. Here we can see the digging of the trench behind the newly completed Library maintenance shed.


The meter for the electrical service for the Tower will be placed on the post that can be seen behind the maintenance shed. The area behind the shed will be eventually be separated from the rest of the grounds by a lattice fence and will be used as a gardening work and storage area.

With the new sills in place, the diagonal sheathing boards have been installed, preparing the way for the exterior finish work. Here again we see the doorway to the first floor of the Tower.


As the leaves fall and the wet, cold November weather moves in, shingles and trim boards are applied to the Tower’s eight exterior walls.