Zoé Vallé Memorial Library

Work Resumes on Tower Restoration


Even though the winter stretched itself into spring, work was started again on the Tower restoration. After the scaffolding was back in place, a large crane was brought in to remove the roof structure of the observation deck, which can be seen on the ground , stripped of its shingles and roof boards. The use of a crane is a faster, safer and more cost-effective means of dealing with a project such as this.

Here we can see the crane from Land and Sea Construction that was used to remove the roof structure. On this day, it has been used to lift off and bring to the ground, the floor structure of the old observation deck, seen on the ground beside the crane. By the end of the day, the floor structure was broken down and removed from the site.

Now that the old structures have been removed, work has started on the new observation level. The floor structure and the support posts for the roof can be seen taking shape.

In this picture we have a closer view of the work being done on the floor structure. This is a very complex part of the job because the observation deck has eight sides and this creates many angles. As well, great care must be given to following the engineering drawings to ensure that the structure will withstand public use. The posts for the roof must also be properly tied into the structure.