Zoé Vallé Memorial Library

Raising The Roof


Here we see Kevin and Hazen installing the trusses for the new roof. They are using part of the former structure that was lifted to the ground to assemble the complete new roof before it is lifted into place.

The red cedar shingles and metal flashing are being installed.

Here we can see how detailed and complex the work is on making sure a roof like this holds up against the weather. Each piece of metal flashing has to be measured, hand cut and then bent into the correct shape to keep the water out.

The day to lift the completed roof has arrived and large straps are attached to the huge steel beams that will carry the roof to its place on top of the tower.

All is in place and everything is double-checked to ensure a safe operation.

Contractor Barry Redmond looks down on the preparations from the observation deck of the tower. It was his great idea to build the roof on the ground then lift into place to ensure the safety and efficiency of this phase of the construction.

The tower roof is successfully set into place on the observation deck of the tower. A job well done by all. You can watch video of the lift below.