Zoé Vallé Memorial Library

Tower Restoration Complete!



The restoration of the Lightfoot Tower was completed in early July. Landscaping around the Tower followed with a spot reserved for the burying of the time capsules at the Chester Trust Garden Party on July 30th.

The staff from Oceanview Garden Centre and Landscaping did an excellent job of taking away the gravel road and work area that they had put in at the start of the restoration. They replaced it with topsoil, grass seed and a little hay to help get growth started. They went out of their way to take care of small details and accommodate our suggestions. The Tower area will be just as beautiful as the rest of the grounds thanks to their efforts.


On the way up – the view looking down at the landing in front of the door on the 2nd floor.


The view of the grounds from the 2nd floor landing.


This is where the staircase ends on the observation deck level.


This is what you find at the top of the staircase, a clean and spacious observation deck.


This is the view of the grounds from the third-story observation deck. The high ceilings on the first and second floors make the ‘third floor’ seem higher than one would think.


Despite wet weather that stopped in time for the Chester Trust Garden Party on July 30th, there was still a good turnout to celebrate the restoration of the Tower and raise funds to pay the final bills. (photo courtesy of Tim Harris)


The time capsules that were sold as part of the Chester Trust fundraising drive are all settled in, ready to be buried until 2064. (photo courtesy of Tim Harris)


Those people who were at the party and had purchased and filled a time capsule gather for a group shot. (Note: You can click on each picture to see a larger version, then click ‘back’ to return to the site.)

The restored Lightfoot Tower settles, at last, into its corner of the Library grounds. Many, many thanks must go to Suzi Fraser and the Chester Trust for preserving this special part of Chester’s heritage.


The moon rises over the Tower as it displays its new lighting.