Zoé Vallé Memorial Library

Summer in the Library Garden


Summer brings color and form to the Library garden as each flower, shrub and tree passes through its growth cycle. With a little luck and planning, there is always something beautiful to see for those seeking a quiet moment with a book, friends, family, a camera or a sketchpad. Visit if you have a chance!

Looking through the arbors of the Square Garden towards the Library.

The Square Garden always has a shady spot on a hot day.

The  front entrance always has flowers ready to welcome you.

The day lilies put on a show…..every day!

The side garden leading to the deck has grown larger with new “residents”.

The potted plants on the deck lead your eyes to the petunias growing in an old birdbath.

Taking a family portrait in the Square Garden.

….and a portrait of the family!

Ready for the next adventure!

Visiting from Halifax, Oxana and Costa share a quiet moment in the Square Garden.

A selfie on the Lightfoot Tower with the gardens in the background.

Oxana and Costa had us take their picture in the Club Room of the Library.

As the sun sets, the garden is getting ready for sleep, the smaller birds starting their evening songs.