A Radiant Gift

From its earliest days in 1928, the Library has been fortunate to receive donations of historical interest related to the community. Zoé’s sister, Isabel, left some of Zoé’s personal items that could be used in a library, such as tables, art, bookcases and books. Others have donated special books, paintings of Chester and photographs of people associated with the Library.


Recently, the Library has received the gift of a beautiful lamp that originally used oil or kerosene, but has been converted to use electricity. It had long been in the family of Chester resident Joan Chandler and she felt it would find a good home in the Club Room of the Library, where it could be seen and appreciated by visitors.

Chandler Lamp Lit 1
The new lamp provides a bright yet cozy light in this section of the Library Club Room

Indeed, it is a wonderful and appropriate addition to the décor and function of the corner of the Club Room that holds the biography collection, as well as the cabinet housing some books from the earliest days of the Library and the cups and saucers that were used by the Women’s Institute of Nova Scotia, Chester Branch, when they met each month in the Club Room of the Library from 1928 until 1978.


For years, it has been our goal to create in the Library a look and feeling of what the house may have looked like around the 1920s when it stopped being Zoé’s summer cottage and became a free community library in her memory. A special thank you to Norm and Joan Chandler for helping us make this happen with their beautiful gift.

Chandler Lamp Unlit 1
A closer look at the lamp showing the beuatiful hand-painted glass shade and detailed metalwork.

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