Library Garden Party – 2017


Inside Tent 1

On a beautiful August Wednesday afternoon, the Zoé Vallé Memorial Library held its annual Garden Party. This year it was a fundraiser for the restoration of the Library exterior and due to generous donations, the event raised over $ 11,000.

Just as important as the total raised are the contributions from individuals and businesses toward the success of the event:


Various food plates from members of the community

Jamal Pizza, Subway, Independent, Foodland and A touch of Heather Catering

Party Contributors (Cash for Supplies)

Mdina/Sales Beacon, The Fo’c’sle, Nancy Grove

Silent Auction Items

Pat Christiansen, The Rope Loft, Amicus Gallery, Going Coastal, Chester Garden Club, Linens For Life, Chez Glass Lass, The Village Emporium, Black Market By The Sea, Oceanview Garden Centre and Home Hardwware

Other Contributors

St. Stephen’s Anglican Church (tables), Flowers, Flowers, Flowers (flowers), Myra Knight (flowers), Chester Municipal Heritage Society (tables and tents) and tent providers who wish to remain anonymous

First Donations to kick off the campaign:

Jim and Kathryn Shaw

Mike and Sue Barnes

Thanks also go out to Sue LeBlanc and the Friends of the Zoé Vallé Library.


Here are more pictures of the event:

Food Table 1

Musician POV 1

Musician 1

Garden Seating 1

Silent Auction 2017

Club Room Painting 1
Painting of the Library Club Room that was donated to the silent auction by Pat Christiansen






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